Business and Professions Code, Continuing Education, SB 1608, ADA & California Architects Board

Updated: 7/4/13

What does SB 1608 mean to California Architects, what does it require and how does it affect the Architects that are licensed in California?

SB 1608 is a Bill that was drafted in the United States Senate in 2008 to Amend Section 5600 of the Business and Professions Code. In short, Section 5600 of the Business and Professions Code sets the rules for Architect license renewal.  And although the amendment had multiple ramifications, the one that affects architects most is that for the first time this amendment added a requirement that 5 five hours of disabled access continuing education course work must be completed by the licensee, every two years. This requirement was introduced by California Architect Board starting January 1, 2011.

Why was there a need for an amendment?
This amendment was in response to complaints by disabled individuals, building industry builders and others based on their opinion that architects were not sufficiently educated in disability access requirements.

Are Architects required to send in course and provider information to the board?

When this code was originally enacted by CAB, there was a period of confusion as to whether or not it is required by the California Architect to send CAB written proof that they have completed their coursework. Initially starting from January 1, 2011 Architects were required to send in a form describing provider information, course content, etc. However as of January 1st, 2013 this requirement was lifted. This lifting of this specific requirement is due to CAB staffing, budget, enforcement etc.

So how does CAB fulfill this requirement?

Bill clearly states that “Until January 1, 2015, the board shall audit at least 3 percent of the license renewals received each year to verify the completion of the continuing education requirements of this subdivision”. Short of it is that written proof is no longer required, however individuals can be fined and or disciplined if misrepresentation is made.

Since there is very little chance of me getting audited should I still pay for the course?

Knowing that everyone is affected by the current economy it would be difficult to justify this cost since most Architects are already involved with disabled access requirements on a daily basis, however there are Free resources that I previously written about here in this post HERE.

Hope you have found this information helpful and good luck with your license renewal.

In case you have chosen to do the entire 5 hours at a pay site, go here Disabled Access for easy continuing education credits.

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